Free Online Course: 10/23 – 12/11 Black Minds Matter: A Focus on Black Boys and Men in Education

Black Minds Matter: A Focus on Black Boys and Men in Education

This fall, Professor J. Luke Wood from San Diego State University (SDSU) will be teaching a free  online “public course” titled  BLACK MINDS MATTER: A Focus on Black Boys and Men in Education. Black Minds Matter addresses the experiences and realities of Black males in education, drawing parallels between the Black Lives Matter movement and the ways that Black minds are engaged in the classroom. The course will balance a discussion of issues facing Black male students as well as offer research-based strategies for improving their success.

This “public course” is presented in the form of a free eight-part webinar series that is open virtually (via livestream) to anyone who would like to participate. These sessions will occur between  4:30pm to 5:30pm Pacific Time, unless otherwise specified, beginning October 23, 2017 to December 11, 2017. During this hour, you may expect opening commentary from J. Luke Wood as well as guest lectures, speeches, and interviews with key leaders in the field.

The “public” version of this course represents the first hour of the actual Black Minds Matter course that is offered by the College of Education at San Diego State University (SDSU). After the first hour, the course is closed off to students enrolled in SDSU Ed.D. and Joint Ph.D. programs who will be attending class in-person.

Follow this link to Register: REGISTER

Or copy and paste the URL into your internet browser:

Thank you for being an advocate for our boys and men of color – #blackmindsmatter


Details courtesy of Northeast Region of The National Council on Black American Affairs.

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